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Cruise travel insurance with medical conditions

Luxurious cabins, fine dining and the chance to travel the world without leaving your room are just some of the reasons travellers enjoy cruise getaways. Whether it’s for three days or three weeks, a cruise ticks the boxes for travellers who want a bit of luxury in their travel. With AllClear’s cruise medical travel insurance you can enjoy your cruise with peace of mind.

Cruise insurance is essential for  passengers – no matter how short or long the trip  – and if you have medical conditions this will be particularly important. Cruise travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions will need to be purchased before you travel.

Our specialist cruise travel insurance comparison website makes it easy to find the right cover for you. We offer cruise medical travel insurance from a range of different providers, meaning you can compare products, prices and additional extras to find the right cover for you.

Once you have obtained your quotes, you can preview the policy wording of each provider to help you understand exactly what is covered. You will also have access to specific policy details such as excesses and exclusions. If you’re happy, simply purchase online.

 I have pre-existing medical conditions, can I still get cruise cover?

Yes, you can! In fact, if you have pre-existing medical conditions and are planning a cruise it’s vital you choose the best cover for your needs so you can receive prompt treatment should you need it. In an emergency, air-lifting someone from the ship in the middle of the ocean to a medical facility on land will be a costly endeavour, so travel insurance specifically for your cruise can give added peace of mind.

What’s the difference between travel insurance and cruise travel insurance?

Usually, travel insurance is intended for beach holidays or city breaks. As such, they don’t cover the type of scenarios travellers could encounter on their ship. This means were something to go wrong, such as cabin confinement, the cost would have to be absorbed by the traveller no matter how much that might be. With AllClear Cruise insurance, a traveller would be entitled claim for cabin confinement.

What is cabin confinement?

If you fall ill, you could be confined to your cabin until the illness has passed to avoid passing your illness to other guests and staff.By purchasing cruise travel insurance, you can receive compensation for each 24 hour period that you are confined to your cabin. Not only that, cruise specific travel insurance can offer reimbursement in the event you’re unable to use any pre-booked excursions as a direct result of being confined to your own cabin due to an accident or illness.

What happens if I’m unwell on land and want to re-join my cruise?

If you require hospital treatment on dry land, cruise interruption cover can offer you cover for the expenses incurred in order for you to re-join your cruise.Cover subject to excesses, limits and policy restrictions. Please check your individual policy booklet.