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A cruise is usually a once in a lifetime experience for travellers. Unlike standard travel insurance which covers air travel and other forms of land-based activities, cruise travelling requires a different level of cover, for example to cover missed port departure. What’s more, many liners require travel insurance for all as a condition of passage. With AllClear Cruise you can compare cruise travel insurance to find the perfect cover for your perfect trip.

If you’re planning to take a cruise and have pre-existing medical condition, buying cruise travel insurance can be a challenging task. This is particularly true when you need to check different premium prices, levels of cover, and inclusions from many different insurers.

So having a single website where you can easily compare different providers, their coverage levels, and costs will make the process easier, faster and less stressful.

Read on to discover all the vital facts you need to compare cruise travel insurance rates.

Why do I need cruise travel insurance?

Cruise travel insurance often provides cover for everything offered by a standard travel insurance policy, plus additional benefits that address specific issues involving your cruise.

These include missed port departure, itinerary changes, cabin confinement, cruise interruption and unused excursions.

Cruise insurance cover is also vital when you have an existing medical condition, such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, stroke, cancer, epilepsy, asthma, arthritis angina and diabetes to name a few.

Having comprehensive cruise insurance will enable you to promptly receive medical treatment if needed. So you can go on your cruise with the assurance that you will be covered even if you have to be air-lifted out of the ship in an emergency, or need to stay on land for a few days to recover.

But to get the best cover for your needs at the least possible cost, you need to be able to effectively compare cruise insurance policies offered by various insurance companies.

How can I compare cruise travel insurance quotes?

You could go ahead and visit each cruise travel insurance website, and manually complete the quote process for those who firstly, will cover someone with a medical condition, compare their rates, areas of coverage, and other terms and conditions one by one.

But that will be a very tedious and inefficient way to do it.

So what’s the best option? You should use a well-designed comparison website like

AllClear Cruise is a unique cruise insurance comparison website. It was designed to bring together a wide variety of cruise-specific insurance quotes from different insurance providers, including those that cover specific medical conditions like those listed earlier.

There are many advantages of using this type of website, but we will attempt to give a brief summary of the key benefits:

Benefits of a cruise insurance comparison website

Save time:

Obtaining detailed cruise and medical travel insurance quotes from different travel insurance websites consumes a great amount of time – time which could be better spend planning your cruise wardrobe or seeing which ports to disembark.

But with AllClear Cruise, all you need to do is provide relevant information and complete the medical screening process just once and you will gain quick access to many cruise insurance quotes in one place.

Make quick comparisons:

Now you can use the AllClear Cruise website to compare multiple quotes at once. You will get all the cruise travel quotes with all their features, costs, level of coverage and premiums on one screen.

This enables you to make fast comparisons even while you are on the move with your mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones.

Enjoy simplicity and user-friendliness:

Various cruise travel insurance sites employ different screening processes, especially for pre-existing medical conditions.

If you try to compare each site’s policy individually, you may even need to answer various questions on the phone and provide various forms of documents. But with AllClear Cruise, you will avoid all the multiple complicated processes and get your quotes with a short and simple process. Most of the time, medical screening can be completed online.

What does a typical cruise insurance policy cover?

Be sure to check your chosen provider’s benefits and exclusions before purchasing, however you cruise insurance will generally cover:

Missed port departure:

If you can’t meet up with your port departure due to circumstances beyond your control, such as bad traffic or train delays, your cruise travel insurance can provide cover for your travel expenses and accommodation so you can catch up with your cruise ship at the next docking port.

Cabin confinement:

If you become ill during your cruise, you may be required to remain confined in your cabin until you recover from your illness. This is usually done to prevent crew members and other passengers getting ill as well. Your cruise travel insurance can provide compensation for cabin confinement.

Unused excursions:

When you are confined to your cabin and you have to miss your booked excursions on land, your cruise insurance will pay back the cost of the pre-booked excursions. This will help you to reduce any losses you may incur due to an illness or accident.

Cruise interruption:

No one going on a cruise plans to get ill. But this occurs quite often due to the huge number of people confined to a limited space on a cruise ship. So if you need to be treated on dry land, your cruise travel insurance will provide cover for your medical expenses.

Travel advice for cruise holidays

Consult your physician before you set out

See your doctor before you take off on your cruise. Whether you are a young or older person you must speak to a medical practitioner about your condition. Your doctor can you help to choose the most suitable time for departure so you can minimise the risk of experiencing any illness.

Handle your medications with great care

If you are using any form of medication, plan for the quantity you will need to take along and obtain the required prescriptions in your name. Take additional supplies to last at least five days, and be properly informed about any side effects you may encounter because of the atmosphere in the ship.

Give yourself adequate time to plan

Start planning in earnest for your trip at least 6 weeks before your departure date. Ensure that you take all documents related to your medical condition including diagnosis, ongoing treatment, medical reports, medication and contact information of your doctor and family members. Be sure to take a copy of your cruise travel insurance policy too.

Prepare for air travel

If you need to fly during your trip, perhaps to get to your initial docking port, and have mobility needs, make sure you find out if you will have access to a wheelchair or help with luggage. Also, determine the kind of medical treatments and prescriptions allowed on the plane, and whether the flight crew will need you to board the flight earlier.

Those are some of the most important facts and tips you need to know about cruise travel insurance and the easy way to compare cruise travel insurance quotes. Remember that has everything you require to get the best cruise insurance quote for your trip, allowing all to travel with peace of mind.