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Cruise travel insurance for over 70s

Purchasing over 70s cruise travel insurance doesn’t need to be complicated. For those young at heart, cruises offer the perfect way to see the world and many countries along the way without a backpack or the stress of connecting flights and sleeper trains.

Many liners feature Michelin starred chefs from award-winning restaurants, have pools and spas to relax in, and theatre productions to keep all entertained when at sea. It’s an exciting adventure for all.

However, finding travel insurance for your cruise might prove difficult, even if you don’t have many pre-existing conditions. Many over 70s are immediately excluded from travel insurance policies, or may find they’re being charged heavy premiums, purely due to age.

At AllClear Cruise, we believe everyone deserves to travel. Our ethos is simple: Any age. Any medical condition. Any destination.

In fact, we created the UK’s first cruise comparison site for medical travel insurance, helping even more travellers sail the seas and see the sights they’ve planned for.

How specialist cruise insurance is different

A cruise is a unique holiday, and specialist cruise insurance will cover you for the particular issues that might arise specifically on a cruise.

These include; cabin confinement (being confined to your cabin due to illness), unused excursions (as a result of cabin confinement), missed port departure, and itinerary change.

It also provides additional cover in the event that you need to cancel your cruise for any reason.

Specialist cruise cover for those with pre-existing conditions

At AllClear Cruise, we can offer cruise travel insurance for over 70-year-olds who also have pre-existing medical conditions.

We offer cover for almost any medical condition including diabetes, angina, arthritis, asthma, cancer, heart attack conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, epilepsy, stroke, as well as many others.

For cruises within the EU, the EHIC (which replaces the old E111) will give you access to free or reduced cost medical care. Be sure to apply for your free card through the NHS if you don’t already have one. You will need travel insurance to go alongside your card though.

Don’t forget, pre-existing medical condition or not, in most cases you will need travel insurance if you are travelling with cruise operator – some will need confirmation of this as a condition of passage.

Choosing your ship, destinations, and type of cruise

Even if you’re well-travelled, you can find cruises that will take you to far off places you’ve never experienced before. Sit back and think carefully about where you’d like to explore next. Perhaps you seek the sun and will opt for a cruise in the Mediterranean. Or maybe the Caribbean is calling. Wherever you end up, bear these few travel tips in mind:

Where will you board? You might be able to spend time on a cruise ship and visit the local towns you stop at, but if you find flying to port is difficult, choose a ship which departs from the UK.

Where will you stop? If you don’t want to spend your entire time on-board you should look for cruises that dock at the destinations you pass. Of course with most cruising offering sun decks, this will depend how lazy you feel on the day!

Let your doctor help. Your doctor will be able to help you work out the most suitable cruise options to choose from based on any medical conditions or mobility issues you may have.

Follow common guidelines. Always stay hydrated and drink plenty of water even if you’re not thirsty. Don’t spend too long in the sun, wear sun protection, and drink in moderation.

If unwell, seek on-board advice.  If you begin to feel unwell at sea, visit the doctor on-board at the first sign of illness. They’ll be able to help you recover and offer travel advice.

Do your research. Retirement means you’ll get to spend a lot more time researching the places you’ll visit, so see what’s out there!

Take advantage of tours. If you don’t want to explore anywhere on your own you might find it easier to join a tour where people will be there to look after you in the event of an emergency.

Remember, you’re at sea. You’ll spend most of your time at sea where you don’t want to get sick, so take normal precautionary medicine as well as anything prescribed to you from your doctor.

Enjoy your trip with peace of mind

Now you know over 70s cruise travel insurance is available, why not run through a simple online quote? It takes moments, and you can choose from providers who are able to offer you cover. You could have your policy ready to go in moments.