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Cruise holiday insurance over 65s

A cruise is the perfect option for those who want to see the world in comfort, luxury, and without having to worry about the stress of travel between destinations. Once you’re checked in to your cabin, every whim and wish is cared for from dining to dancing. You’re then left to enjoy the sights and sounds of each new destination, and, with over 65s cruise travel insurance, you can do so without a care in the world.

AllClear Cruise is a specialist provider of cruise insurance for over 65s, to ensure every traveller can enjoy their holiday with peace of mind. Cruise holiday insurance for over 65’s is especially important due to the nature of location should you be taken ill. Emergency treatment could prove to be costly, which is why travel insurances for cruises is a mandatory requirement of passage for most liners.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, or you’re finding it difficult to get travel insurance due to your age, we can help. We run the UK’s first cruise travel insurance comparison service, ensuring all travellers can find the best quotes. Medical screening is quick and simple, and can be completed in a matter of minutes online.

Commonly asked questions

Why do I need travel insurance on a cruise?

If someone becomes ill or is injured on-board ship, the initial medical treatment can only be provided by the on-board medical team. With very limited medical facilities available, they may have the task of getting a passenger ashore to a medical facility. However, no shore-based medical facility will accept a sick passenger without medical costs guaranteed.

If the passenger has no travel insurance, that could not be done and the ship could be held up for weeks in one port while funds are raised for treatment.

What does cruise travel insurance cover?

Cruise specific travel insurance can offer you cover for all the things that are found on a standard travel insurance policy, but with extra benefits tailored for specific problems that would only occur on your cruise, such as missed port departure, cabin confinement, itinerary change, unused excursions and cruise interruption.

Should I book a cruise, despite having pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes, you can! In fact, if you have pre-existing medical conditions and are planning a cruise it’s vital you choose the best cover for your needs so you can receive prompt treatment should you need it. In an emergency, air-lifting someone from the ship in the middle of the ocean to a medical facility on land will be a costly endeavour, so travel insurance specifically for your cruise can give added peace of mind.

What is cabin confinement?

If you fall ill, you might be ordered by the ship’s medical officer to stay confined to your cabin until the illness has passed to avoid passing your illness to other guests and staff. By purchasing cruise travel insurance, you can receive compensation for each 24 hour period that you are confined to your cabin.

Not only that, cruise specific travel insurance can offer reimbursement in the event you’re unable to use any pre-booked excursions as a direct result of being confined to your own cabin due to an accident or illness.

What happens if I’m unwell on land and want to re-join my cruise?

If you require hospital treatment on dry land, cruise interruption as part of your travel insurance can offer you cover for the expenses incurred in order for you to re-join your cruise.

*Cover subject to excesses, limits and policy restrictions. Please check your individual policy booklet.