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Why do I need cruise travel insurance for high blood pressure?

If you are one of the 3 in 10 adults in the UK that have high blood pressure, you may be aware that it can be difficult to get high blood pressure cruise travel insurance.

AllClear’s specialist cruise travel insurance for high blood pressure and hypertension can cover you for the same things that a standard travel insurance policy will cover you for, in addition to cruise specific problems that may arise and any pre-existing medical conditions.

Specific cruise problems include; missed port departure, cabin confinement, itinerary change, unused excursions and cruise interruption. Read our guide to cruise insurance to find out more.

Our quote process will allow you to add high blood pressure and any other medical conditions before presenting you with quotations from those cruise travel insurance providers who are able to offer you cover. You can then choose the quote which best suits your needs.

If you are going on a cruise with high blood pressure and you fail to disclose your condition, your cruise travel insurance may become void and you may be left with large medical bills.

Having adequate travel insurance is usually a booking condition for many cruise lines.

Tips for cruising with high blood pressure


Pack all the medication that you require in your hand luggage, so that it is easily accessible during your cruise. It may take some time for your suitcase to be delivered to your cabin so carrying your medicine on your person will ensure that you have access to your medication at all times.

Take a list of all your medications and doses in case you need to replenish your supplies whilst away. You will need to know both the brand name of the medicine and the generic or pharmaceutical name. The brand name may be different in other countries so take a copy of the leaflet that comes in the pack with your tablets.

If your cruise takes you into new time zones, you may need to change the timings of your medicines. You should discuss this with your GP.


Avoid eating salty foods whilst on your cruise, as this could increase your blood pressure levels.


Try to avoid alcohol and sedatives which could make you drowsy, less active or dehydrated during your cruise. Instead, try to drink water regularly.

Spa facilities

It is not advisable to use spa facilities such as saunas, jacuzzis or steam rooms, if you have high blood pressure.


If your cruise stops over in a place with high altitude, your blood pressure could increase because the heart is forced to work harder, in this environment.  If your cruise is taking you to any regions with high altitude, consult with your doctor beforehand.