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Ive had cancer. AllClear insured me without hassle... it was quick and easy. I trusted them. Wouldn't go anywhere else. (comment from      Great - brilliant service, wish more companies did this! (comment from our live webchat)      we found it very simple to operate, with straight forward questions, unlike many other offering similar services... I will certainly be using your services in the near future (email from Mr.C)      I Feel very secure with AllClear and I will be returning for my next holiday. (phone call from Mr.C)      I am absolutely delighted with your decision to honour my claim... a company that does not do everything in its power to find a loophole... Once again my most sincere thanks. (letter from B H Anderson)      On contacting live assistance, the response was extremely speedy and helpful (comment from our live webchat)      I've already recommended you to a couple of people who find it hard to get travel insurance due to age/cancer or whatever (email from Mrs.M)      I always use @AllClearTravel, very good service & price (Tweet on Twitter)      love, love, love your blog! (Comment on our blog, Globebloggers)      Joe was very helpful, went out of his way to respond to our needs, excellent customer service. (Mr T. Email)      What an effective company (Linda C. Email)      I have already told one or two friends about your good service and I will certainly consider using AllClear Insurance Services for any further trips planned in the future. (Mrs D. Letter)

Why choose AllClear?

AllClear Cruise provides specialist cruise travel insurance to cover travellers with any pre-existing medical condition. We provide cruise travel insurance for travellers up to the age of 84 for single trip cruise travel insurance.

Our cruise travel insurance also provides optional cruise wedding cover and additional cancellation cover up 25,000.

AllClear's cruise travel insurance covers almost any pre-existing medical conditions including:

Diabetes, angina, arthritis, asthma, cancer, heart attack conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, epilepsy, stroke and many more. Get a Cruise Travel Insurance Quote Now!

Common questions?
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Q. Why should I get specialist cruise insurance?

A. A cruise is a unique holiday, and specialist cruise insurance will cover you for the particular issues that might arise, such as being confined to your stateroom in case of illness, or missing a planned port visit due to adverse weather conditions. It provides additional cancellation cover if you need to cancel your cruise for any reason of up to 25,000.

Q. Can I purchase Cruise travel insurance if I am not travelling on a Cruise?

A. The Single trip cruise policy is only available to people who are travelling on a cruise.

Q. What's a pre-existing medical condition?

A. If you have taken any medication, or received treatment for any condition/s in the last two years by a doctor or at a hospital.

Q. Why does my pre-existing condition need cover?

A. If you should require medical assistance on your cruise, without comprehensive cover, that includes your pre-existing condition, it could be a very costly experience.

Q. I'm not sure what's wrong, I am having tests, is this a pre-existing medical condition?

A. We cannot assess a condition that has not been diagnosed. Wait until you have the results from your medical professional. Once a condition is diagnosed then we can assess it.

Q. My treatment finishes soon, should I wait?

A. No, just answer the questions as of today. If you are still having treatment, even if it finishes tomorrow, answer yes because you are still having treatment today.

Q. I've got a medical condition but the rest of the family does not. Should they get cruise travel insurance elsewhere?

A. No, we recommend that all people on the same cruise be covered under the same travel insurance policy.

Q. Will I need a medical certificate?

A. We very rarely ask for one. We rely on you answering the medical questions accurately. We do not cover claims for any existing medical problem which you have not told us about.

Q. I am over 65, and trying to find cruise travel insurance, can you help?

A. Yes, we provide cruise travel insurance for over 65s, over 70s and over 80s. The maximum age limit for Single trips is 84 years old. Annual trips is 64 years old. Find out more here

Look at what AllClear offers as part of your Cruise travel insurance policy:

Stateroom confinement - 100 per day if you are ill and unable to leave your cabin. Read More

Unused Excursions - Cover for the cost of pre-booked excursions which you were unable to use due to hospitalisation for accident or illness.

Missed Port - Up to 500 if scheduled port visits are cancelled due to adverse weather or timetable restrictions. Read More

Adventurous cruising for the over 65s

Ok, so you have finally retired, and now it is really time to start enjoying yourself. Surely one of the first things you will do, will be booking a holiday somewhere exotic. So what could you do?

Well a lot of people opt for a cruise, because it gives you a chance to experience different parts of the world, on a large floating resort. So what happens if you go to book your travel insurance and then run into difficulties? Here are some tips that may help:

1. Use an insurer like AllClear, that specialise in cruise travel insurance for the over 65s. You can also make sure that you are covered for any existing medical conditions, without this treatment on board ship could work out very expensive. AllClear have a long standing history of delivering cruise travel insurance for over 65s, or the over 70s, or the over 80s, so we can help you get on with the business of enjoying your cruise!

2. Make sure your cruise travel insurance covers you for on board activities and excursions. There is plenty that you could be doing from golf lessons to ballroom dancing. For some of the more extreme activities, you may want to check your cover Read More